Ma Vie en Franglais
No, that's not a typo. 

Last Sunday, a small section of the 20th arrondissement was taken over by the small, yet active vegan population living in Paris to celebrate the second annual Paris Vegan Day

Sustainable fashion shows, soy ice cream, vegetarian shoes, tofu samples -- had Alicia Silverstone and Paul McCartney shown up (both well-known animal-rights advocates), it would have been my version of vegetarian paradise.

The event took place from 11 am to midnight on Sunday, November 28th, at "La Bellevilloise" which was founded back in 1877 as the first Parisian cooperative, which offered access to political, educational and cultural events to the lower-middle class. 

Since 2005, the space has been revived to become an open forum for independent artistic activities and events open to the public, various businesses and the media.

Although there was clearly a strong Anglophone presence at the event (Americans, Brits and Aussies, oh my!) there were plenty of French people in attendance as well. 

Official event sponsors ranged from French to American to English companies and organizations, including: VegMag, Lush, Tossolia, The Gentle Gourmet, VG-Zone, and Un Monde Vegan

Although there was a bit of a crowd control/space issue, overall it was a very fun, informative and successful event for the vegan community in Paris. Hopefully Paris Vegan Day will continue to grow and gain traction, and I look forward to attending next year (who knows, maybe by then I will have finally made the leap to veganism!)

Below is a short video I took of a vegan cooking demonstration by Dynise Balcavage, creator of The Urban Vegan

It will also give you all a sense of the great turnout we saw at the event! Who knew there were so many vegans (or wannabe vegans like myself) in Paris?

Check out the slideshow below for additional photos I took from Paris Vegan Day!


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